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Satriya 45:

This is an image showing some musical instruments uses in Satriya performance. These are Nagara(small drum),bortaal (big cymbals) ,patitaal(small cymbals).Thekholis a two faced cylindrical instrument and played with the fingers. The most commonGhana vadya, which is invariably used in Sattriya music is the different kind oftala(cymbals), namely ´┐Żbartal, patital, khutitalandmanjira. Thenagara(nageri´┐Ż in southern India), in pairs are used in some Sattras to accompany devotional song. A hugedaba(kettle drum) is a common feature in every Sattra and Namghar.It is usually used to announce the time for worship or other community service.Shankha(conch-shell) is used to announce the entry of august personages or victory in a war in a bhaona performance.
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