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Satriya 26:

This image is showing a satriya perfomer in Ankiya Bhaona performing the role of Krishna. The partcular gesture belongs to the entrance segment of the character,known asKrishna Bhangi or Gosai Praveshar Nach.The entry begins as soon as the Sutradhari announces the entrance of the Lord. A curtain and anagnigadais held in front of the dancer amidst deafening sounds ofdaba(big drum) andkaliya(a kind of clarionet or pipe). The presentation of Krishna Bhangi is characterised by the frequent use of the uniqueKrishna hasta, which is typically Sattriya in character. In no other dances of India this uniquehastamudrais seen. It is represented by placing of twoKartarimukha hastaofAbhinaya-darpanain a line facing opposite directions (in contrast to the twoMrgasirsa hastaas in Bharatnatyam or by placing ofSandamsa hastaas in the Manipuri style).
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