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Satriya 06:

This image is showing a particular Mati Akhara of Satriya dance called Kasoi Pani-Khowa .This ground exercise begins with the Kasobandh posture, which is similar to that of the Padmasana, but the hands are placed on the two sides of the body with the palms touching the ground. Now keeping this posture intact the head is leaned forward touching the ground with the right cheek. And the position of the hands are changed so as to support the body. They are now placed on the ground just below the stomach. Now the support of the whole body is placed on the elbows and the palms. In the final stage, keeping the above posture intact, the lower portion of the body with �Kasobandh� posture is lifted up as far as possible, while the right cheek also touches the ground to balance the support.
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