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The Earth in the Solar System:

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Chapter 01 of The Earth Our Habitat, Social Science textbook of class 06

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License:[Source NCERT ]March 22, 2020, 10:14 a.m.

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This chapter gives us following learnings:
  • Describe the basic functions of the solar system.
  • Compare the similarities and differences of the planets.
  • Describes the various other objects i.e Planets, Asteroids, meteriods, etc. within the solar system.
  • The writer has also given the easiest way to memorize the names of the planets for the students:
                    My Very Efficient Mother Just Served Us Nuts
  • Various activities are given for students to clear their topics.
  • This chapter gives better understanding with beautiful and clear diagrams.
  • There are many colourful diagrams which attract students and some exercises to enhance their knowledge.