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Measures of Dispersion:

Episode 02 of the video lectures on chapter 15 of the Mathematics textbook for class 11; covers measures of dispersion, mean deviation for grouped data
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License:[Source CIET, NCERT ] July 18, 2021, 12:13 a.m.

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Great work and very clear approach to understand the basic of stats. This video helped me to understand the significance of mean, median, deviation etc. 
yes this video is really helpful for calculating mean deviation about the mean and the median and is a helpful video for those who are unable to understand the concept of mean deviation in the classroom.
This video is very useful as it clarifies the topic mean deviation about the mean and the median.In this video, ma'am explained how we should find mean deviation using step-by-step method.
This video is apt and useful for learners and teachers. One who is unable to understand in classroom lectures shall visit this website for adequate knowledge and understanding. OER's are very much in use, beneficial and accessible nowdays.
This video is very useful for the students to understand the concept on statistics and also it is very effective
This video explains how one should compute mean deviation(one of the measure of dispersion) about the mean and the median.
This video is very effective as it explain the topic using a step-by-step approach. 
yes this vedio is very effective to explain the whole concept of mean  and madian and easy to understand for student
Yes i agree with you meenakshi this vedeo is really effective as it explains the whole concept of mean deviation by step-by-step method. 
The video is effective and adequate for both teachers as well students. It would be helpful for both teachers as well students to impart the knowlwdge of mean deviation and to understand it respectively. The video explains the computation of mean deviation in an effective way.
Effective video,helpful to understand the concept of statistics and also the way of explaination in this video is good.